Author Topic: 1971 Kawasaki 250E Motorcycle (F8 250 Bison?) Advertisement - 1971  (Read 533 times)


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The bike in this Kawasaki ad looks like the same motorcycle ridden by The Thing With Two Heads. The ad says it's a 250E, but it also looks like a Kawasaki F8 250 Bison. The 250E and F8 250 Bison might be the same motorcycle. Its funny Kawasaki uses this motorcycle in the ad to brag about their suspension, and Rosey Grier and another guy ride this bike at the same time in the movie The Thing With Two Heads. For those of you who don't know who Rosey Grier is, he was a professional football player in the 1950's and 60's and a big guy weighing almost 300 pounds. The weight of both actors on the motorcycle is over 400 pounds, but I don't know if Rosey Grier actually rode the motorcycle or his stunt double. Wouldn't it be interesting if this ad had something to do with them choosing this motorcycle for the movie knowing how much the actors weigh.

Check out this link for The Thing With Two Heads. You can watch the complete movie on YouTube and there is plenty of footage showing this motorcycle. The motorcycle footage starts at 51:32.

Kawasaki 250E advertisement

Movie poster for The Thing With Two Heads

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