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In Israel there is a group of volunteer medics, United Hatzalah,  that use motorcycles and scooters to quickly arrive at the scene of a medical emergency. Because they are using two wheeled vehicles they can quickly navigate through congested traffic that would greatly increase the response time of a typical four or six wheel ambulance. They call these special motorcycles and scooters ambucycles. The ambucycle does not replace the conventional ambulance, but is a first responder to medical emergencies.

The idea of using motorcycles as medical emergency vehicles is not new. As far back as 1915 a Harley Davidson was converted into an emergency response vehicle to care for drowning victims, and was used in Redondo Beach, California. The army in World War 1 converted a motorcycle into an ambulance by replacing the side car with a bed so that wounded soldiers could be quickly transported to safety. However, Israel is the only place today I have seen a motorcycle and scooter being used to respond to medical emergencies, but I'm not sure they are the only one. I think its a great idea! It seems to save lives, and I support motorcycles and scooters being used in a more utilitarian role.

United Hatzalah doesn't seem to prefer a particular brand of scooter or motorcycle for the ambucycle. Their fleet is a mixed bag of mostly scooters, and I have seen one motorcycle. Using big scooters is a good idea because the rider doesn't need to deal with operating a clutch and transmission; scooters are more nimble in tight areas, and scooters can be quickly mounted and dismounted. 

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All scooters

The only ambucycle I found that used a motorcycle.

1918 photo. Not sure what motorcycle is used here. Probably a Harley Davidson or Indian.

I think this is photo from World War 1, so its date is around 1918

1915 Harley Davidson emergency response vehicle used in Redondo Beach, California

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