Author Topic: Helpful information for prospective UTI (Universal Technical Institute) students  (Read 3128 times)


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UTI is required by law in certain states to release information about students numbers, graduation rates, starting salary, cost, etc. The pdf files for this information is here:

To see the program, # of students and starting salary for a UTI graduate in Illinois use the following link: (Update: This link no longer works. The file name is ildisclosuretable.pdf if you want to search for it, but the file name may have changed to.)

Here is a video by Mike Rowe about following your passion. Its good information for a prospective MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) and UTI students for countering a pushy sales person trying to manipulate your passion in their favor. You can have a passion for cars or motorcycles, but that doesn't mean you'll be happy repairing them, or the reality of the industry will match your dreams. Its better if you can actually go to work in a repair shop before committing to a very expensive education.

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