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What I Think About ONYX Motorbikes
« on: June 03, 2018, 06:39:19 PM »
ONYX Motorbikes claims their bikes are, in fact, electric mopeds, but without the performance disadvantages found in your typical gas powered moped with restricted engine displacement, speed, and/or power output. ONYX does label their bikes as mopeds on their Indiegogo campaign webpage "ONYX Motorbikes - Mopeds are Back. Now Electric!,"  but there is no way city, state and federal government will classify a motorbike that goes 50+ mph as a moped just because it comes with pedals. The high power output and speed will cause ONYX motorbike's to be classified as a motorcycle, and when compared to other electric motorcycles like ZERO, it falls short in almost every way except for maybe initial cost, and size, if your small. If ONYX manages to produce a low powered version that is comparable to most mopeds in power output and speed and meets the legal guidelines for mopeds, then they might have a competitive product, since most moped manufacturers are out of business. ONYX Motorbikes Indiegogo campaign has managed to raise $493,445, and I think most of those investors might be disappointed when a cop pulls them over and tickets them for riding a motorcycle without proper license, registration and insurance; their only hope is that the cop is duped into believing its a legal moped when he see's the pedals.

(UPDATE) I read a YouTube comment saying the ONYX motorbike can be configured for reduced power output with a maximum speed of 20mph, which will make it an electric bicycle in some areas, and in other areas you can register the bike as a moped. The ability to configure the ONYX motorbike in this way reminds me of the low speed safety feature seen on side-by-side vehicles. The ECU on side-by-sides will limit the vehicle top speed if the driver doesn't have their seat belt fastened. Also, newer diesel trucks will automatically limit engine performance if you drive with the DEC container below a minimum level for a certain amount of time. Its the power of computer technology that makes these new safety features and controls possible on newer vehicles.

Since ONYX makes it possible to configure their electric motorcycle to become a moped, does this mean I can put pedals on a Harley Davidson motorcycle and program the ECU to limit the speed to 20 mph, and register the 1600cc plus engine equipped Harley as a moped? I don't see any legislature in the country being fooled by that one.

If you think the Law will never crack down on high powered electric mopeds, for whatever reason, then here is a case to consider about just how strict city laws can get. New York City banned class 2 electric bicycles back before electric bicycles were popular. Class 2 electric bicycles are bicycles with thumb or hand activated throttles with a top speed of 20 mph. When I visited New York a few years ago I remember seeing the same brand/model class 2 electric bicycles being used for food delivery; they were all over the Manhattan area. Politicians allowed New York City restaurants to get away with using class 2 electric delivery bicycles for years, then one day recently, in response to safety complaints from residents, they ordered NYPD to crack down and start impounding these bicycles. How long do you think New York City politicians will tolerate a so called electric moped that goes 60 mph on city streets? And if you think owners of ONYX Motorbikes are going to restrict themselves to 20mph on city streets, then you live in a fantasy land.

De Blasio to punish restaurants that use battery-powered bikes

I think there is a level of deception going on here with ONYX Motorbikes leading people to believe their buying a moped. The legal loop hole of being able to configure the vehicle to change its type will not last long if this practice becomes popular. The only way the high powered ONYX motorbike is a moped is if the only distinction you make between a moped and motorcycle are the existence of pedals. I think one final determining legal factor as to whether or not the ONYX motorbike is a moped will be the motor's rated watts, which ONYX conveniently leaves out this spec on their Iniegogo campaign (If it is there, I couldn't find it). Without the advantage of being a moped, the ONYX motorbike is a poorly designed electric motorcycle. Your better off spending $1700 to $2600 and buying a new or used gas powered motorcycle, moped (Tomos Moped) or scooter. 

ONYX Motorbikes Indiegogo Campaign

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The Puch brand moped is where I think ONYX Motorbikes got their design inspiration from.


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