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The movie Little Fauss and Big Halsy was released in 1970, and starred Robert Redford and Michael J. Pollard. The movie is a classic biker flick, but not with your stereotypical bikers, they were more like poor drifters chasing the next motorcycle race. There are far too many motorcycles in this movie to identify and discuss eash one, so I will focus on the classic Yamaha DT-1 ridden and raced by Michael J. Pollard in a scene near the beginning of the movie. You can view the movie clip in the video below. I originally thought the motorcycle was a 1968 Yamaha DT-1, but if you look closely at the rear sub frame, just behind the seat, you will notice metal tabs welded to the frame for mounting rear turn signals. These metal tabs first appear on the DT-1 in 1969, which makes the motorcycle Michael J. Pollard is racing a Pearl White, 1969 Yamaha DT-1B.

The Yamaha DT-1 first appeared in 1968, and was a huge hit for Yamaha. The DT-1 was Yamaha's first dual purpose motorcycle (called enduro back than). It offered the rider an inexpensive, reliable and light weight motorcycle that could be used for both street and dirt riding. Many owners of the DT-1 would strip the bike of all street legal gear and turn them into strictly dirt bikes used for racing and fun in the dirt. Yamaha sold so many of the DT line of motorcycles that aftermarket products sprung up everywhere. The DT owner could easily purchase high performance parts and kits and turn their DT-1 into a more competitive motorcycle, and many people did. The DT-1 set the standard for dirt bikes everywhere, and it didn't take long for other motorcycle manufacturers to jump into the game. However, all good things must come to and end, and production ended for the DT line of motorcycles in 1985.

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Michael J. Pollard on a 1969 Yamaha DT-1B in the movie Little Fauss and Big Halsy

Michael J. Pollard on a 1969 Yamaha DT-1B in the movie Little Fauss and Big Halsy

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