Author Topic: Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Police Motorcycle For RBPD  (Read 284 times)


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Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Police Motorcycle For RBPD
« on: April 29, 2018, 05:24:23 PM »
Redondo Beach Police Department received two Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L motorcycles donated by Honda Motor Company. The RBPD motor cops also ride the Honda ST1300P, but having the African Twin provides some advantages over the ST1300P like lighter weight, taller suspension, higher ground clearance, dual sport tires, more agile ride and a better functioning motorcycle for off road use. The Honda Africa Twin features a DCT transmission and the stock motorcycle has been modified by Rolands Sands to provide the features necessary for police work.

Some special feature items include:

There is a long list of performance items Roland Sands added to the bike, which I didn't include in the above list. As I was looking through the accessory list I couldn't help but wonder why a motor cop can't get by with the stock part? For example, why would a motor cop need to replace the stock forks and rear shock with Ohlin complete adventure forks and Ohlin rear piggyback shock? I understand the performance advantage given by the upgrade, but was practicality and cost ever a factor when designing this bike? MP Rough Riders in WW2 patrolled and jumped 700 pound motorcycle's with very little front suspension and no rear suspension at all except for a spring loaded seat.

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The ballistic blanket included with the bike is stored in the saddle bag and folds out to protect the motorcycle and cop. I guess the cop must anticipate being shot at ahead of time to use this blanket. I can't imagine him unfolding this under fire.

I couldn't find these saddles bags on US Armor's website, so these bags might be an item made just for RBPD. These particular saddle bags might be needed in order for the folding ballistic blanket to store and unfold properly. You can see the famous AR15 rifle mounted on the side and to the rear of the saddle bag.

I have a feeling, just like the motorcycle, most or all of the accessories on this motorcycle were donated in exchange for publicity.

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