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North American School of Motorcycle Repair
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Click on image for a larger version:

The course binder.
School ad from 1977.

I have the complete and original hard copy of North American School Of Motorcycle Repair correspondence course from the 1970's. It has the original binder and extra handouts like How To Use Micrometers and How To Use Compression Testers. The course use's an older Kawasaki single cylinder two stroke engine to teach principles of two stroke engine theory, and a Triumph twin is used in the four stroke section. The Kawasaki two stroke uses a rotary valve and side mounted carburetor similar to the Kawasaki motorcycle used in the movie The Thing With Two Heads, which I reviewed here:

The Thing With Two Heads

Here is a list of the course content:

1) Introduction
2) How to study
3) Lesson 1: What this course is all about
4) Lesson 2: Basic parts and basic tools of motorcycle repair
5) Lesson 3: Principles of the two stroke internal combustion engine
6) Lesson 4: Repair of the two stroke engine - Part 1 disassembly
7) Lesson 5: Repair of the two stroke engine - Part 2 upper end inspection, repair, and reassembly
8) Lesson 6: Understanding the clutch
9) Lesson 7: Understanding the transmission
10) Lesson 8: Repair of the two stroke engine - Part 3 Lower end assembly
11) Lesson 9: Suspension
12) Lesson 10: Chain, sprocket, and cable service
13) Lesson 11: Four stroke upper end assembly - Part 1 Parts and their function
14) Lesson 12: Four stroke upper end assembly - Part 2 Valve disassembly and repair
15) Lesson 13: Four stroke upper end assembly - Part 3 Cylinder repair, valve adjustment, and overhead cam repair
16) Lesson 14: Carburetion: Understanding the basic principles
17) Lesson 15: Carburetion: Repair, adjustments and overhaul
18) Lesson 16: Carburetion: Special carburetors and modifications
19) Lesson 17: Repair of the four stroke lower end assembly
20) Lesson 18: Service and repair of clutches
21) Lesson 19: Service and repair of transmissions
22) Lesson 20: Steering, wheel alignment and frame repair
23) Lesson 21: Motorcycle tuneups
24) Lesson 22: Troubleshooting
25) Lesson 23: Wheel and brake maintenance and repair
26) Lesson 24: Lubrication systems
27) Lesson 25: Motorcycle electricity - Part 1 Fundamentals of electricity
28) Lesson 26: Motorcycle electricity - Part 2 The motorcycle electrical system
29) Lesson 27: Motorcycle electricity - Part 3 The motorcycle electrical system (continued)
30) Lesson 28: Refinishing, painting, and customizing
31) Lesson 29: Customer relations, shop records, final wrap up

Extra Handouts:
1) Motorcycle service manual for Champion Spark Plugs
2) How to use your timing light
3) Starting your own motorcycle shop
4) Moped Repair
5) How to use compression testers
6) How to use Micrometers
7) How to use your vacuum gauge and pressure tester
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