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I found a real gem of a school nestled away near the Wasatch mountains. The school is called Davis Technical College, and not only do they have a program for motorcycle repair with a class in outdoor power equipment repair, but they also teach automotive repair and diesel/heavy truck repair. Its a very affordable school and it has the most flexible schedules of any trade school I have seen. Its not like your typical college that doubles or triples the tuition for out of state students; everyone pays the same tuition. The school has very close ties to Weber State University Automotive department. I found Davis Technical College because I watch automotive repair video's by an instructor at Weber State University on YouTube. His YouTube channel is weberauto, and he makes very good auto repair video's. Students in the Weber State University diesel program are required to take some core classes at Davis Technical College. I've never attended either school, and I don't know anyone who has, but I believe Weber State University has a good automotive/diesel repair program, and if their requiring students to take some core classes at Davis Technical College, then I think its most likely that Davis Technical College also has a good program. All things considered, I think Davis Technical College might be one of the best trade schools I've seen so far.

Think long and hard before attending a for-profit school that straps the student with an obscene amount of debt. There are better options out there and all you need to do is search and do your homework.

Davis Technical College

Weber State Heavy Duty Truck Program Course Requirements
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