Author Topic: Honda Powersports Website Errors, But Was Fixed Fast!  (Read 256 times)


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Honda Powersports Website Errors, But Was Fixed Fast!
« on: March 02, 2018, 11:42:03 PM »
I just happened to visit Honda Powersport's website when the web developers must have been in the middle of changing something because many of the motorcycle models displayed in the menu system were images of the wrong motorcycles. Notice in the top row, far left image how the description for the Honda Rebel 500 shows an image of a Honda Shadow Phantom, and the Rebel 300 shows an image of a CTX700N, and there are other errors like the image for the NW4. But whats really interesting about all this is all the small motorcycle images used in Honda Powersport's website menu system; they are all from one file, which you can see below. The website developers are able to instruct your browser to only display one small section of that one large jpg file, eliminating the need to have several small separate images for the menu.

I visited the website again 2 hours later and everything was fixed, but luckily I saved images of the goof. I noticed they updated the image file showing all Honda motorcycle models, and the updated file is shown below. Its not very often you see big mistakes like this on large company websites like Honda or Harley Davidson. Pretty cool I think....

Click on images to enlarge:

Honda website menu with wrong model
motorcycle images displayed.

Honda website was corrected and working
again 2 hours later.

The one image used for all small motorcycle
images in Honda's website menu system.

The updated Honda motorcycle image file.
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