Author Topic: Motorcycle used in the 2011 movie release of Fright Night  (Read 4976 times)


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Motorcycle used in the 2011 movie release of Fright Night
« on: February 17, 2015, 05:55:45 PM »
The motorcycle used in the movie Fright Night, released in 2011, was either a 1978 or 1979 Honda XL 250. You can narrow it down to these years using the shape of the side panels, gas tank and seat. The 1978 and 1979 Honda XL 250 were both Tahitian Red in color and the tank decals had the same shape and design, but the stripes on the gas tank decal in 1978 were black, red and light orange, and the Honda letters were white. The stripes used on the gas tank decal for 1979 were black, red and yellow, and the Honda letters were black.

The Honda XL 250 used in the movie is the wrong color, and the bike is not stock. Honda never manufactured a yellow XL 250, and from what can be seen in the photo's, the bike is missing a tail light, turn signals and mirrors. Whoever painted the bike yellow used new tank decals, and if you look closely you will notice the color order of the stripes on the tank decal are incorrect, so they are clearly an aftermarket decal. The 1979 XL 250 came stock with a strap across the seat. The stock seat in 1978 does not have a strap, and neither does the bike used in the Fright Night movie. If you look closely at the photo's you will see the seat used on the movie bike has a small rip and looks like original equipment. If I had to guess I would say the motorcycle used in the 2011 Fright Night movie is a 1978 Honda XL 250 having the wrong paint and tank decals.

You can actually buy or rent Fright Night on Amazon. Here is the link:
Fright Night

1979 Honda XL 250

1978 Honda XL 250
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