Author Topic: BMX'er Bunny Hopped Over A Classic Honda Black Bomber Motorcycle, CB450  (Read 1513 times)


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There's this guy on YouTube that makes BMX videos and occasionally he will bunny hop over a parked motorcycle. This last time he hopped over a classic Honda Black Bomber parked on the side of the road. How rare is that to find a 1960's Honda Black Bomber parked on a New York City street? This particular bike was manufactured in 1965, 1966 or 1967; not sure of the exact year. The motorcycle is also known as a Honda CB450 and was manufactured from 1965 to 1974.  I've taken my camera to New York City several times hoping to find an interesting motorcycle to photograph, but never found anything. Not even a two wheeled NYPD vehicle like the Piaggio scooter or Harley Davidson police motorcycle. I literally combed the area by walking up and down Manhattan from the spot where the twin towers were at all the way up to Central Park. I did happen to see an NYPD Harley police motorcycle on TV at the location where that idiot Islamic terrorist mowed down cyclists with a Home Depot truck the other day, so maybe they only come out when there's a big emergency. Anyway check out these photo's I ripped from his video and I will link to his video below.

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