Author Topic: Elvis Presley & Kathleen Selph Riding A 1971 Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide  (Read 115 times)


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The image shown above is Elvis Presley and Mary Kathleen Selph riding a 1971 Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide on June 30, 1972, in Memphis, Tennessee. Less than one month later Selph was killed in a car accident, and shortly after that Elvis was forced to give this motorcycle to Priscilla Presley as part of a divorce agreement. As far as I tell, nobody knows what happened to this motorcycle. It just disappeared. For years nobody could identify the woman in this picture, and just recently Selph's mother came out and identified the woman as her daughter. Is it possible this motorcycle has been unidentified for all this time and sitting in someone's garage? Who knows! If you have any information at all regarding this motorcycle, than please share the information on this forum, or contact me privately at

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