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I like this video because it explains how to operate a Harley Davidson motorcycle from the late 1940's. Bikes back than had a foot operated clutch, and gears were changed by operating a hand lever mounted on the left side of the gas tank. It also shows how motor cops used their left foot to engage and disengage a mechanical siren mounted on the motorcycles left side and rotated by the rear tire.

The video shows the ignition lock and switch operation used on a 1940's Panhead. I've seen this exact same switch used on a 1958 Harley Davidson 165, so Harley Davidson must have used these same switch/locks for quite a while. I wonder who manufactured them for Harley Davidson? I refer to them as a lock/switch because a lock cylinder is mounted right in the center of the switch and a cover is used to hide and protect the lock cylinder. They didn't show you this in the video, but the rider use's a key to operate the lock cylinder to lock or unlock the electrical switch. The lock is not key retaining, so you can unlock it, remove the key and leave it unlocked and not need a key to start the bike, which is why a key was never seen in the video. Click Here to see close up photographs of this lock cylinder and switch.

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