Author Topic: A Honda Shadow VT600C "VLX" ridden by Dwight in Walking Dead episode The Cell  (Read 1492 times)


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It looked and sounded like a Harley Davidson, but was it a Harley? No, its Hollywood film magic making a Honda VT600C Shadow look cool. This motorcycle appeared in The Cell, the last episode of Walking Dead on AMC. The motorcycle belongs to a Honda family of motorcycles called Shadow, and is aslo known as a Shadow VLX, which stands for Vtwin Lowered Xtended rake. Its a 600cc v-twin, 4 speed transmission, water cooled, chain final drive, cruiser motorcycle manufactured from 1988 to 2007. Honda didn't make many changes to this motorcycle over the years, and movie and television will cover up paint or decals showing the manufacturer or model of the vehicle, so it was difficult narrowing down the exact year this bike was manufactured. I believe it was manufactured before 1998, and probably a 1991 or 1993 model. The Honda VT600C Shadow was ridden by Dwight, a character played by Austin Amelio, and not the famous Daryl Dixon character played by Norman Reedus.

Photo's of the Honda Shadow VT600C "VTX":

Dwight pusing a Honda VT600C through a maze of wounded zombies

Dwight pushing a Honda Shadow VT600C with broken front spokes

The rear section of a Honda Shadow VT600C

A Honda Shadow VT600C falling over to avoid a zombie collision

A Honda Shadow VT600C and Dwight looking up as a zombie dive bomber fly's down towards him
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