Author Topic: Kawasaki actually says the word "DooHicky." Sort Of.....  (Read 2686 times)


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Kawasaki actually says the word "DooHicky." Sort Of.....
« on: October 24, 2016, 05:44:08 PM »
Kawasaki actually allowed the word "Doohicky" to be used in an article "On a beer budget"  for Accelerate magazine, and is published on ROK (Riders Of Kawasaki) website. ROK is a community for Kawasaki motorcycle owners, but does allow any motorcyclist to become a member. Accelerate magazine is the official publication of ROK. I don't know what ROK's official relationship is with Kawasaki. Kawasaki Motorcycle's official website does link to the ROK website, and here is the link:

ROK Riding Club

I will post a link to the article below as well as the paragraph in the article where "Doohicky" is used. The article refers to the Doohicky fix as an upgrade and not a fix for a defect.

For those unfamiliar with the doohicky fix, it is a repair for the balancer chain tightening system found on all Kawasaki KLR650's. Many consider it to be a design flaw by Kawasaki, but as far as I know Kawasaki refuses to recognize the problem. Doohicky is the word coined to refer to the defect and repair by the KLR650 community and not Kawasaki. Because Kawasaki refuses to recognize the problem I thought it was funny doohicky appears in this article.

On a beer budget

Why the KLR? you might ask. Why not a full-on dirt bike or the venerable BMW GS? Those bikes have their place, to be sure, but in my humble opinion, the KLR provides a lot of bang for the buck. I bought mine used for a mere $1,700. I have spent a few hundred dollars on improvements, including the infamous KLR Doohicky mod, a popular upgrade to the balancer chain adjustor mechanism. Now, with a good skid plate, hand guards and a waterproof duffle bag strapped on the back, we are ready to venture into the land of hunters.
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