Author Topic: Speedometer fix for CSC Motorcycles Zongshen RX3 and RX3-P Cyclone motorcycles  (Read 671 times)


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The RX3 line of motorcycles from Zongshen Motor's has a known speedometer accuracy problem. A simple fix is a product from 12 O'Clock Labs called SpeedoDRD, which allows you to calibrate the speedometer for a more accurate reading. The SpeedoDRD is available in different versions or models, and I think the primary difference between models are the type of electrical connectors included with the product. The correct model for Zongshen Motor's line of RX3 motorcycles is the SpeedoDRD-U1. See product link below. Installation and configuration seems like a simple task and instructions are available at 12 O'Clock Lab's website and YouTube.

12 O'Clock Labs SpeedoDRD

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