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A 250cc Police Motorcycle, The Zongshen CSC RX3-P Cyclone
« on: October 14, 2016, 08:27:00 PM »
CSC motorcycles imports a police version of the Zongshen RX3 motorcycle. Its basically a stock RX3 with a 300 watt alternator, white paint and plastics, police stickers, red and blue lights, and a speaker and siren sound system. CSC motorcycles says it is fully equipped, but I don't think it is ready to handle every application in its stock form. I've seen police motorcycles with electrical power requirements requiring a secondary 12 volt battery system to power all electrical equipment especially when the engine isn't running. I think the RX3-P only uses one small capacity 12 volt battery, so the RX3-P will probably need an upgrade for some applications. I haven't seen the RX3-P police motorcycle up close, but there is a YouTube video demonstrating the lights and sound system, and I will post the video below. The lights and sound seem weak (low power) when compared to more traditional police motorcycles from Harley Davidson and Victory, but like i said, i haven't seen the bike up close and its hard to evaluate sound using video. The RX3-P in its stock form seems best suited for patrol in smaller area's or off road. For example on a college campus, beach, special events or a public park.

The RX3-P police motorcycle is a 250cc, Chinese built adventure motorcycle with police lighting, decals, color, and sound/siren system with a retail price of $4295. That is cheap! I don't think your going to find another police motorcycle with a price tag that low, but you might have problems when it comes to local dealership support, and that's because there isn't any. The only dealership is CSC motorcycles located in Southern California, so if you need parts or technical support your forced to deal with them. The civilian version of the RX3-P comes with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty, and repairs can be done in-house or at your local motorcycle repair shop.

I have never ridden or owned an RX3, so I can't speak from experience, but i have watched a few review video's about the RX3, and some of the known complaints or defects are:

  • Speedometer is not accurate
  • Fuel gauge reads empty when the gas tank is half full
  • Some riders experience problems with finding neutral, and the transmission popping out of gear when the engine is under heavy load
  • Dealership support is a big problem with this motorcycle and will be for any police department without their own repair/maintenance facility.

I am not sure if any of the first 3 problems have been fixed, so its best to call CSC Motorcycles and speak with them directly.

Photo's and video of CSC Police Motorcycles

The CSC RX3-P Police Motorcycle. This bike was first released in 2015; can't say for sure if this bike is still available. I can't find any information online showing police departments using the RX3-P, but I did find a blog entry by CSC Motorcycles saying they are shipping out a few motorcycles to a police department for evaluation. Here is the link: Reporting for duty...

This is a CSC-150P police mini-bike/motorcycle hybrid. This was offered by CSC Motorcycles in 2011. It might still be available.

The RX3-P Police Motorcycle Fact Sheet with Specifications. Source link: Reporting for duty...

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A video demonstrating the lights and sound on a CSC RX3-P Police Motorcycle

Official RX3-P Police Motorcycle Specifications and Zongshen Motor Website:

Official Zongshen Motor Website

RX3 Police Series(ZS250J)
EngineNC250 water-cooling
Piston stroke77 x 53.6
Compression ratio(11.1~12):1
Ignition modeEFI
Startup modeSingle power
Maximum power Kw/(r/min)18.5(15%)/9000(15%)
Maximum torque N.m/(r/min)22.5(15%)/7000(15%)
Maximum speed (Km/h)120
Braking modeFront: disc; after: disc
Long X wide X high (mm)2130 x 868 x 1260
Wheelbase (mm)1400
Long X wide X high (mm)2130 x 868 x 1260
Curb weight175
Tank volume (L)15
Tire specifications Before:100/90-18; after: 130/90-15
Minimum height from the ground (mm)210

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