Author Topic: Harley Davidson & Marvel Comics dress up a Sportster to look like a Street 750  (Read 750 times)


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**Update 9/20/2016 This is something I posted a while back on another board, but it really belongs in this board. I have added a few updates. Enjoy! **

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Harley Davidson promotes this video clip on their YouTube channel. The bike seen in the video is the same Sportster dressed up to look like a Street 750, and the actors talk about the bike as if its something new from Harley Davidson. The motorcycle stuntman at 2:11 says "I've ridden a lot of Harley's, and this one is my favorite for sure."

Harley Davidson and Marvel Comics dress up a Harley Davidson Sportster to look like the new Harley Davidson Street 750 in the new Captain America movie, In Winter Soldier. In the above photo you can clearly see the Captain America bike is a Sportster. The engine left side case or primary cover is wrong, the final drive belt and rear disc brake rotor are on the wrong side, and the bike is missing a radiator. I don't know if Harley Davidson has officially told the public that the bike in the photo is a new Street 750, but they clearly did not mention the facts in their last Facebook post regarding the Captain America movie trailer, and they directed readers to believe false information by liking comments saying this bike is the new Street 750. See the Harley Davidson Facebook comments below:

**UPDATE 9/20/2016 Hollywood does stuff like this all the time, so it doesn't surprise me; they dress up one thing to make it look like something else. And I doubt the Harley Davidson Facebook moderators can tell the difference between a Street 750 and the fake one seen in the above photo. Their probably college graduate's with a degree in Communications that can tell you all about social media but never took an interest in motorcycles before their job with the Motor Co.**

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