Author Topic: Some pictures showing the odd ways motorcycles were used in the past  (Read 763 times)


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To support a fish line for diplaying the catch of the day

A motorcycle to deliver the mail, and this was probably taken around 1914. The guy on the motorcycle is a postal carrier, and the horse and buggy in the background was the old way of doing things. The guy carrying the bag probably walked his route. I like this photo because it shows a change in technology and how things change over time.

A motorcycle used as a snow mobile.

A motorcycle used as a mobile jail cell. I've always wondered if this was actually used as a jail cell or was a movie or picture prop. The size of the padlock is overkill, but makes a good prop.

A motorcycle used as a stretcher ambulance

A motorcycle ambulance

A motorcycle used to pull a camper trailer and boat.

A motorcycle used for dry cleaning delivery.

A motorcycle used as a mobile advertisement.

A motorcycle used by a gas station for mobile service.

A motorcycle with a truck bed used for hauling cargo. I think the cargo is bags of mail for the US postal service.

A Harley Davidson motorcycle truck used for hauling cargo. They actually had problems with the engine overheating because the cargo container in front of the bike blocked air flow to the engine.
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