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So I bought a Harbor Freight Heavy Duty Folding Trailer to haul my motorcycle and two mountain bikes. The trailer comes disassembled, so it needs to be assembled before it can be used. The assembly time was approximately 5 hours. Most parts are bolted together using a bolt and lock nut, and the most common bolt and lock nut require a 16 & 17 mm wrench or socket. If you have a cordless impact wrench it will speed up the assembly time, and make the assembly a lot less painful. I really didn't encounter any big problems with the assembly. All parts were there, and everything went together fairly easy. However, I did encounter a few problems with certain parts. The right wheel axle had weld spatter on the area where the inside wheel hub seal made contact with the axle. Before I was able to install the wheel hub I used a file to remove the weld spatter. Good thing I noticed it before I proceeded with the install or it may have ruined the seal. Another problem was both inner hub seals were not flush with the outside edge on both hubs, but there was nothing I could do about it. I was afraid if I tried to make them flush it would damage the seals. If I damage the seals than where would I find replacement seals, so I just installed it the way it was. The trailer kit comes with a 4 pin electrical connector and wiring harness to power the two side running lights and two tail lights. There are a total of 5 wires to deal with. I had to lengthen all 5 wires about 20 inches each, because  the trailer electrical connector would not reach the electrical connector on my vehicle. Other than the wires being to short I didn't experience any other problems with the electrical, and it went together fairly easy.

Also, when you install the wheel hubs you need to clean the outside wheel hub bearings and repack them with wheel bearing grease. I will list the grease and all other parts I purchased, along with the price, to get the trailer on the road.

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