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Clint Eastwood riding a Triumph TR6 in the movie Coogan's Bluff
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Coogan's Bluff is a film released on October 2, 1968, and stars Clint Eastwood and Lee J. Cobb. Clint Eastwood plays an Arizona cop name Coogan, who is sent to New York to bring back a prisoner played by Don Stroud. The prisoner escapes after being picked up, and Coogan, being too proud to return to Arizona without his prisoner, sets out to find and apprehend the hooligan. There is a good Triumph motorcycle chase scene towards the end of the movie with Clint Eastwood riding a Triumph TR6 or maybe a Triumph Bonneville T120. Probably a 1967 model, but definitely something before 1968 and after 1965. Its hard to tell if the motorcycle Clint Eastwood is riding is a Triumph Bonneville or Triumph TR6 from watching the chase scenes. Both bikes use a 649cc parallel twin, but the TR6 uses a single carburetor to feed both cylinders and the Bonneville uses two. The Triumph Bonneville T120 was manufactured from 1959 to 1975. The Triumph TR6 was manufactured from 1956 to 1973. The movie is ok and can be rented or purchased online. There is a free version on YouTube that is incomplete, but mostly there. The video frames on the YouTube version have a shadow around the border, and I think they did this to avoid YouTube's copyright violation detection algorithm, but not positive. The shadow makes the movie hard to watch, but its free. See the pictures and links below.

You can rent or buy Coogan's Bluff on Amazon using this link:
Coogan's Bluff

Triumph Bonneville and TR6 Motorcycle Restoration Guide: 1956-83

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Coogan's Bluff Motorcycle Chase Scene

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This is the free version of Coogan's Bluff on YouTube

Clint Eastwood on a Triumph TR6

A 1967 Triumph Bonneville T120.

A 1967 Triumph TR6

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