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Hells Angels on Wheels is a 60's biker movie released in 1967, starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Roarke with an appearance by Sonny Barger who is, or was, president of the Hells Angels. Jack Nicholson plays an unhappy gas station attendant named Poet, who quits his job and gets involved with the Hells Angels. I have to be honest, it was painful sitting through the first 60 minutes of this movie and I ended it there. In my opinion the movie is poorly written and directed and tough to sit through. I was surprised to see it got 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. which makes me wonder if people really like this movie, or they think its cool to like it. The only appearance I saw of Sonny Barger was in the beginning when he gets off his motorcycle to kiss another biker. I have no idea who the other person was, but I assume it was the leader of another motorcycle club since the movie mentioned something about Nomads and Hells Angels right before the scene. Sonny Barger may have a speaking scene later in the movie, but I didn't see it. I think most, if not all the bikes in this movie are Harley Davidson motorcycle's. I saw a lot of sportster's, custom choppers and a few motor cops riding Harley Davidson FL models.

Sonny Barger said something interesting in his book "Lets Ride: Sonny Barger's Guide to Motorcycling." He said "In terms of pure work-manship, personally I don't like Harleys. I ride them because I'm in the club, and that's the image, but if I could I would seriously consider riding a Honda ST1100 or a BMW. We really missed the boat not switching over to the Japanese models when they began building bigger bikes." I don't agree with Barger's comment about Harley Davidson workmanship, but its interesting that he feels forced to maintain the Hells Angels image by riding a Harley Davidson, because lets face it, Harley Davidson owes their bad boy image to outlaw motorcycle clubs like the Hells Angels, and movies and television shows like Hells Angels on Wheels. They feed off each another.

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Sonny Barger stepping off his motorcycle to greet a fellow biker

Sonny Barger in the movie Hells Angels on Wheels. Released in 1967
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