Author Topic: Error in LASD Law Enforcement Motorcycle Test and Evaluation Program  (Read 1718 times)


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Download the 2014 Los Angeles Sheriff Department Law Enforcement Motorcycle Test and Evaluation Program

In 2014 LASD (Los Angeles Sheriff Department) evaluated the ergonomics of the 2014 Harley Davidson Road King and Electra Glide police motorcycles as well as some other make and model motorcycles. LASD officers ride each motorcycle for 157 miles, than rate the seat comfort, which included the seat springs, padding and width using a number system from 0 to 10 (10 being the best). The seat comfort for the Road King received a 7, and the seat for the Electra Glide received an 8. Whats funny about this is the seat on the Road King and Electra Glide are identical. Harley Davidson uses the same seat on both bikes, but some how the officers felt the seat on the Electra Glide was more comfortable than the seat on the Road King. Go Figure.... LASD officers also rated the saddlebags (angle, size and position of opening) and locks (same key, security, sturdiness) using the same numbering system. Both the 2014 Road King and Electra Glide received a rating of 8 for saddlebags and an 8 for locks. LASD left a comment below the saddlebag and lock rating for both bikes, which says "The saddlebags provide plenty of storage room. The locks took a little effort to properly secure and are improved over previous year models." I just happen to have a copy of the LASD evaluation for 2012 motorcycles, and the rating for locks on the 2012 Electra Glide is 8.6, and 7 for the 2012 Road King. I am pretty sure the 2012 Electra Glide and 2012 Road King police motorcycles use identical saddlebags and locks. If this is true, why does one motorcycle score higher than the other, and if the 2014 locks are better than previous models, than why did the LASD rate the locks higher on the 2012 Electra Glide? I think the LASD officers evaluating the motorcycles are a source of error. Keep this in mind when reading these reports.
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