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Schebler Carburetor and how it works
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Shebler Carburetor Company started manufacturing carburetors in 1902. Shebler was a popular carburetor used on many Harley Davidson motorcycles in the early days. To identify a Schebler carburetor the carburetor identification number is stamped on the carburetor with the following format (model)(X)(number). For example, DLTX-5, the model is DLT and number is 5.

The following information was taken from an owners manual for a 1917 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

How the Shebler Carburetor Works:

The gasoline is vaporized into a gas by the suction caused by the down stroke of the piston in the cylinder, which drawas a fine spray of gasoline from the carburetor nozzle "N" through the tube "T" into the mixing chamber "M". Here it meets a current of cold air rushing in the auxiliary air valve (sometimes called compensating air valve) "A". The "mixture" continues on through the intake manifold to the cylinder, entering the combustion chamber through the inlet valve. By the time the "mixture" reaches the combustion chamber it is, or rather should be, a pure gas or explosive mixture.
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