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Title: Murdercycle - Honda XR250R
Post by: smallengineshop on May 08, 2022, 05:30:21 PM
Murdercycle is a low budget sci-fi movie released in 1999 that anyone with an internet connection can watch for free on It starts off with a guy trail riding with his Honda XR250R that stumbles upon a meteor that some how infects the rider and motorcycle turning them into Murdercycle. Murdercycle is the same XR250R and rider covered in a black armor type material and equipped with laser guns. I don't know what happens beyond that because I didn't finish the movie. The movie isn't very good, but I've always liked the Honda XR models. I posted the movie description below.

The Honda XR250R is an off road enduro motorcycle designed for competition use, but it was mainly used by most riders for recreational off road riding. The XR250R is equipped with a single cylinder 4 stroke engine and 5 speed transmission. The XR250R used in the movie was manufactured sometime between 1986 to 1989. I don't know the exact year.

The XR models are so popular that Honda still manufactures an XR650L for 2022. See it here: 2022 Honda XR650L (

1999 1 hr 30 min
Full Moon Features network logo
Horror Action Fantasy Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller

An alien death machine, with no human emotion, kills to live as it invades the earthy dimension with a mission to destroy the one person in its way.
StarringCharles WesleyCassandra EllisRobert DonavanMichael VachettiRobert Staccardo
Directed byTom Callaway

( XR250R Murdercycle 1.jpg)
Picture 1 of rider and Honda XR250R before they find the meteor.

( XR250R Murdercycle 2.jpg)
Picture 2 of rider and Honda XR250R before they find the meteor. In this scene he rides up to a fence, parks his motorcycle and gets off, then he pulls a plastic water bottle from the right side of the motorcycle. You never see from where. He takes a drink than sets the plastic water bottle on what looks like the muffler, but the muffler should be hot enough to damage the plastic bottle. Oh well, movie magic.

( XR250R Murdercycle 3.jpg)
Photo of the rider and Honda XR250R as they're being infected by the meteor.

( XR250R Murdercycle 4.jpg)
Photo of the rider and Honda XR250R after being infected by the meteor and tranformed into Murdercycle.