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Title: Good Electrical Power Source When Motorcycle Camping
Post by: smallengineshop on September 28, 2021, 06:22:58 PM
Portable battery generators are great when you need electricity, but for whatever reason no electricity is available. Maybe your camping outdoors or the power went out in your neighborhood. These type of batteries are ideal for those situations. I have a Jackery 240W battery I use when the power goes out. I use it primarily to power a laptop, ink jet printer and LED light, but I've also used it to power a small TV and recharge my cell phone and a small speaker. The great thing about portable battery generators is their light enough to carry around and you can bring them indoors. They don't make much noise and they don't produce poisonous CO gas like a gas powered generator.

All Jackery batteries have a built in pure sinewave inverter to power 110v devices, so sensitive electronic devices can be powered without any worries. They also have built in USB ports and a 12v accessory outlet. As long as your device doesn't exceed the rated battery wattage the battery will power your device. Of course the more wattage the device uses the shorter time the battery can supply power. Battery generators need to be recharged when they run out of power, and Jackery batteries allow you to use a 110v household outlet, solar panels or your car/truck/motorcycle 12v outlet to recharge the battery.

I just bought the Jackery 1000W battery, which will allow me to power more devices for a longer time between charges. It's small enough to fit almost anywhere and it only weighs 22 pounds. I can easily fit the 240W Jackery battery in my KLR trunk case with room to spare. The 240W Jackery is around 6 pounds. The KLR trunk case is only about 42 liters in size. I could easily run a 12v outlet to the trunk case and recharge the battery when I'm riding.

The only down size with battery generators is cost and they need to be recharged when they run out of power. Expect to pay around $1 per watt. The recharge time on a fully discharged Jackery battery using a 12v outlet in your vehicle is around 11.5 hours for the 1000W Jackery and around 5 hours for the 240W.

Click on image to view the 240W Jackery battery on Amazon. I think it's on sale right now for $169. That's a steal! I paid closer to $240 for my 240W Jackery.
( battery.jpg) (
The 240W Jackery battery. (paid link)