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Title: Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding And Hypothermia
Post by: smallengineshop on January 06, 2018, 05:05:02 PM
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I've been riding motorcycles all winter long even through the most recent cold spell that hit the east coast. For the majority of winter days around here temperatures usually stay above 20F degrees, but lately there's been a few days when the temperature dropped into the single digits. The other day it was 15F degrees outside, and I went on a 14 mile ride that included some freeway riding. Man, I got cold! I really don't have good clothing for riding when temperatures drop below 20F. I've done it several times before, but it gets risky. I barely get 2 or 3 miles into the ride and my fingers start to hurt. I have to constantly take a hand off the handle bars and  pull my fingers into the palm of my hand and make a fist to warm them up. Than the weather stripping on my helmet visor caused a small leak that allowed a stream of outside air to leak into my helmet. It hit my forehead and caused that area of my skin to hurt. When i got to where I was going I noticed my entire face turned red as a tomato from the cold air. The helmet malfunction wasn't suppose to happen, so I wasn't prepared for it. Loosing body heat through your neck or head makes cold weather motorcycle riding brutal, and puts you at risk for hypothermia and even death. Cold weather motorcycle riding with inadequate clothing reminds me of a sculptor removing rock from a boulder one chip at a time. In the same way cold weather chips away the riders body heat until your frigid cold. If your going to ride motorcycles in cold weather its important to dress properly and know the early warning signs of hypothermia. Here are some of the symptoms for hypothermia in adults taken from Webmd's website. I will link to the full article below:

Hypothermia symptoms for adults include:

What Is Hypothermia? (