NBC Dateline Fabricates Test Results For A Hit Piece Against General Motors

  • By George
  • June 9, 2017
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NBC Dateline: Hey, I think I found a way to get the flames we need.

The extent NBC Dateline went to to fabricate their report “Waiting To Explode?” is unbelievable. From 1973 to 1987 General Motors full size pickups used gas tanks mounted outside the frame rails, in between the frame and body, making the gas tanks vulnerable to side impact. GM did this to increase the pickup fuel capacity by mounting two 20 gallon gas tanks on each side of the truck for a total of 40 gallons of fuel. GM has always defended their full size pickups and claimed a high safety record, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that the risk of burning to death in one of these GM pickups is much higher than in other full size pickups.

To support the claim GM pickups will explode on impact, NBC Dateline devised a test using a parked full size GM pickup and ramming it from the side using a car traveling at 30 mph.  NBC had trouble recreating a truck explosion, so they made the unethical choice to do some behind the scenes trickery to get gas to burn. Here’s what they did:

  1. NBC Dateline falsely reports the car used to hit the pickup traveled at 30 mph, but it was found to be closer to 40 mph
  2. NBC Dateline falsely reports the cars front headlight was the ignition source for the flames, but the true ignition source was hidden incendiary devices installed on the car by NBC Dateline to ignite the fuel spilling out of the gas tank fill tube.
  3. NBC Dateline falsely reports the gas tank ruptured, but what actually happened is NBC Dateline deliberately installed the wrong fuel tank gas cap so it would come off on impact allowing fuel to escape through the gas tank fill tube.

General Motors sued NBC over the fabricated test results reported in Datelines “Waiting To Explode” hit piece. The lawsuit was quickly settled and NBC Dateline was forced to apologize on-air, and admit their failure to report the truth. This happened in 1993.

It makes you wonder what else news outlets have lied about over the years, but gotten away with it? This is an old story, but new for a lot of people. It shows what the mainstream news is willing to do and say to support whatever narrative their reporting on.  It would be different if this was an isolated case, but its not. I believe it is happening much more today and is seen in recent reports on police brutality, shootings and Russian involvement in our election.

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I don’t believe the 1973-1987 GM full size pickup trucks are as vulnerable to explosion as some might make it sound, given NBC’s obvious inability to recreate an explosion and GM’s commitment to the trucks for 14 years.


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