Polaris Ace 570 Battery Location

  • By George
  • April 29, 2017
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A 2016 Polaris Ace 570

The battery on a Polaris Ace 570 is located on the left side of the seat under a plastic panel. There is a molded plastic cup holder molded into the plastic panel I am referring to (see photo), and the panel is held down by 3 T40 bolts. You must remove the seat to clearly see all 3 T40 bolts. Removing all 3 bolts will not allow you to remove the panel completely, but it will allow you to move the panel far enough to the left to gain access to the battery. The battery itself is held down by a metal strap and is secured on one end by a 10mm bolt. Removing the 10mm bolt will allow removal of the metal strap that holds down the battery. Its a tight fit, but doable, and having a magnet to retrieve any bolts or tools dropped into the cavity will help. The stock battery on a 2015 Polaris Ace 570 is not maintenance free and does require periodic maintenance. Replacing the stock battery with a maintenance free AGM battery would eliminate having to gain access to the battery every time maintenance is performed on the vehicle, and AGM batteries will not leak sulfuric acid in the event the vehicle is turned over.


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Location of the 3 T40 bolts that hold down the plastic panel

A Torx T40 Driver Socket

The seat must be removed to see all 3 T40 bolts that hold down the plastic panel hiding the battery. The spring loaded lever locking the seat in place is depressed before sliding the seat forward for removal.


Plastic panel hiding the battery before seat is removed.

You will need a 10mm socket and extension to remove the metal strap securing the battery. A 10mm deep socket and 6 inch extension is shown in the photo.

The metal strap holding down the battery is secured on one end by a 10mm bolt.

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