NYPD Uses Piaggio Scooters On The Streets Of New York City

  • By George
  • January 21, 2017
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Harley Davidson police motorcycles and Piaggio scooters all lined up in a row.

NYPD has tested several different brands of scooters over the years, but I think the majority of their scooter fleet consists of Italian made Piaggio scooters. Piaggio not only makes Piaggo scooters, but also Vespa scooters and Moto Guzzi motorcycles. A scooter does zero for a cops image, and may even go into the negative (see video below), but they do perform well for riding through tight spaces like congested NYC streets and through crowds. Some of the advantages of scooters are:

1. Easy to ride! Scooters are light weight and have a low seat height. The area in front of the seat and behind the steering stem is open, which makes it easy for a rider to get on and off a scooter. The Piaggio scooters are equipped with a CVT transmission, so there is no clutch to manually engage or disengage and no gears to shift. You simply give it gas to go, and let off the gas and apply the brakes to stop. All these attributes make scooters easy to maneuver and ride. If you can ride a bicycle, than you can probably ride a scooter with little or no training.
2. Great fuel economy! The Piaggio Fly 50 gets 144 mpg and holds 1.8 gallons of fuel. That means a cop in my area could ride a Fly 50 for 259.2 miles and fill up for $3.81. That’s pretty cheap!
3. Large storage area.. Scooters come with a built in storage area underneath the seat with enough room for a full face helmet. Not sure what storage needs scooter cops have, but having a built in storage area under the seat probably eliminates the need to purchase a trunk or saddle bags for additional storage.
4. Easy Maintenance! Maintenance is easy, but I do believe Piaggio scooters require periodic valve adjustment, and belts should be replaced every 6 to 8 thousand miles (guessing mileage. I’m close though).
5. Safety! New riders aren’t distracted by all the manual tasks needed to ride a motorcycle, so they can focus more on the road and not crashing.

Some disadvantages of scooters:

1. Maintenance Cost. I believe Piaggio scooters require periodic valve adjustments, and drive belt replacement after 6 to 8 thousand miles. This raises labor and parts cost. Most large motorcycles use hydraulic lifters eliminating the need to adjust valves, and motorcycles with final drive belts use Kevlar or carbon fiber belts which will last 50,000 or more miles.
2. Usually scooters have a shorter wheelbase and smaller wheels than motorcycles making them feel less stable at higher speeds.
3. Dealer Support. I am sure dealership support provided by Piaggio isn’t even in the same ball park as most motorcycle brands. When is the last time you saw a Piaggio dealership? Most people in the United States will say never.
4. Electrical Power. Not sure a scooter platform can easily be modified to provide the same electrical power needed for all the bells and whistles seen on police motorcycles. This would limit the roles scooters play in a police department.
5. Available Accessories. There are more accessories and options available for motorcycles than scooters. Especially specialized commercial accessories seen on police motorcycles.

As great as scooters are, I think NYPD should get back to riding Harley Davidson motorcycles. I understand all the benefits scooters offer and the reasons NYPD will argue for using them, but it just doesn’t look right seeing a cop on a scooter. It looks weak! I wonder if NYPD’s choice to use scooters has anything to do with diversity and feminism? For a feminist there is no room for macho-ism and scooters accomplish that. Since scooters are much easier to ride, especially for new riders, they create opportunities for more woman police officers to become motor cops. I am not saying women can’t ride motorcycles, but it does require more physical strength to ride an 800 pound Harley Davidson at slow speeds through the streets of NYC. uh-oh, did I just say men are stronger than women…..

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Respect My Authority! beep beep…NYPD officers patrolling the streets of NYC on scooters:

NYPD officers patrolling the streets of NYC on Piaggio scooters.

NYPD Piaggio scooters all lined up and ready to go.

Wouldn’t want to mess with these guys

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