Harley Davidson Bicycles

  • By George
  • January 3, 2017
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A kid standing next to his Harley Davidson bicycle.

The Harley Davidson Motor Co sold bicycles from 1917 to 1922. I said sold and not built because they were manufactured by Davis Sewing Machine Co and branded with the Harley Davidson Motor Co name. The bicycles were manufactured with the same olive green paint Harley Davidson motorcycles adopted in 1917 due to the United States declaring war on the German Empire during World War 1. I don’t know if the bicycles picked up any nicknames from their color, but the motorcycles were often referred to as the Silent Green Soldiers and Olive Drab Doughboys. This wasn’t the first time Harley Davidson Motor Co used bicycle technology in their products. Early Harley Davidson motorcycles were basically slightly modified and reinforced bicycles with an internal combustion engine bolted to the frame. Almost all Harley Davidson motorcycles manufactured from 1903 to 1916 were designed to use bicycle pedals and this design wasn’t dropped until 1917. Its kind of ironic Harley Davidson starts selling bicycles the same year they stop manufacturing motorcycles with pedals.

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